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Tax advisors and lawyer in Brühl

Tax and legal advice go hand in hand. That is why, in many cases, alongside the fiscal perspective the legal assessment is useful and sometimes necessary. By uniting legal and tax advice under one roof we can offer you the bundled expertise from both perspectives.

About us

Not too big for small tasks, not to small for big projects

With our well-established service of tax and legal advice under one roof we counsel entrepreneurs as well as private persons individually and personally.

Close contact, intense client relationship along with the fiscal, economic and legal perspective from a single source offer you considerable benefits. Thanks to our interdisciplinary expertise we can support you in questions concerning employment law, contract design and many other issues.

Our clients have a longstanding relationship with us, which is characterized as trustful, loyal and open. Our team supports and remains in direct contact with our clients or their employees.

As your partner we advise you in all entrepreneurial endeavours, plan your private or business future and accompany you to important appointments.

Our clients

Our clients are from various sectors and carry different legal forms. Among others, we counsel retail and wholesale, IT, media and other service contractors, engineering as well as doctors, pharmacists and lawyers.

Building contractors among our clients appreciate our knowledge about wages in the construction industry.

We have a deep know-how advising transport companies. We can offer our support in applying for funding, financing trucks or trailers, dealing with theft from within the company and handling the consequences of traffic accidents. In payroll accounting we discuss opportunities to optimize your employees' net wages.

We can also advise you with a deep understanding of transnational trade and will assume sales tax responsibilities for you. We will handle all your accounting processes digitally with modern software solutions which we will use in cooperation.

Our services

Steuerberater Brühl - Benetax

Tax advice and accounting

Tax advice and accounting are our core services. Taking a look at your past, we also glance into the future of your business to shape your success. Our integrated view also includes an evaluation of your private situation.

Steuerberater Brühl - Benetax

Digital solutions

Time, effort and money can be saved, if you use the opportunities presented by digitization and modernize accounting. By digitizing financial and payroll accounting you capitalize by clearing space for day-to-day business.

Steuerberater Brühl - Benetax

Business consulting &
company valuation

We advise companies from the day they set up their business until they sell to a 3rd party or handover to the next generation. In doing so we offer our support for all your decisions and assist you in questions concerning financing, investment, business valuation or corporate acquisitions.

Steuerberater Brühl - Benetax

Legal advice

Many operational or private matters call for legal evaluation. We give counsel and represent you in various branches of law, including employment law, contract law, commercial and complany law as well as traffic law.